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Home decor can be a good experience as long as you enjoy. Apart from professionals, there are thousands of men and women, who enjoy home decoration. It has become a hobby for many of them.

There are various ways and means to develop home decor ideas. For starters, the best way is to buy publications like magazines and catalogs to access information on home decorations. There are a number of magazines and catalogs available at leading book sellers to understand and practice home decor. One can also access the information on the internet by visiting various sites developed and maintained by several professional home decorators or retail stores selling home decoration products and accessories.

Also, professionals pursuing home decoration conduct classes to impart education and skills on home decoration. It is easy to find their contact details in yellow pages, register for training classes and improve knowledge. Practical sessions are also part of the training and gives prospective decorators a first-hand experience.

While decorating homes, two important factors should always be considered. The home decoration should add value to the beauty of the interiors and should generate good opinion about you among all visitors. To achieve these objectives, it is necessary that an amateur home decorator learns the basics.

The basics are simple and easy to carry out. Ensure that there is a lot of space in all the rooms, especially the guest rooms and living rooms. For, visitors and the family members should feel claustrophobic with furniture stacked all around the room.

Ensure that there is adequate penetration of light. All rooms, particularly the living room, should appear bright. The color of the walls should reflect bright colors. Ventilation should be accorded top priority. Avoid window furnishings that affect the penetration of light to a great extent. Stick to light colors that can also enhance the beauty of the room.

It is suggested that wallpaper is avoided in living rooms. Not all categories of people appreciate wallpaper. So, it is better to have plain walls colored in the best possible manner. While choosing colors for the walls, make sure they are universally appealing. Consider adding paintings to the wall to make put some life to plain walls.

The same applies to bathroom decoration. Avoid cluttering of bath ware inside the bathroom. Create ample space for movement. Showering should not become a turmoil. It should always be a pleasurable experience. Showers are meant to provide relaxation. It is better to have natural scented flowers in the bathroom since it is liked by most categories of people.

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to hang on a wall



Paintings that do not contain any  bars to support it.

You will have to get it stretched on wooden bars.

to hang on a wall



Means that the painting comes with wood stretcher bars attached against the back of the painting. This simply means that you are now able to hang your painting on a wall once received.

to hang on a wall



Allows you to protect the painting for several years. Of course, it is ready to hang once received

it depends...



That could be anything else... From an installation or sculpture, to paintings on a special surface like wood, stone or glas.

Because we are global and have artists offering many different types of works, It is always recommended to review the full artwork description.