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wydr is the clever new way to find art you love 

just like transportation, music and travel - the world has flipped to its head 

technology has moved on!

next time you have a white wall to fill - make the art world wider


users and you decide what's popular!
global free shipping
ready to hang - 7 day return policy


    you don't have to be a quadrillionaire
    buying original paintings is a lot simpler than you might think. you don't need to be rich or an expert to find art you love.
    it's the greatest joy to look at something which makes you dream and smile.
    don't follow the crowd
    the important thing when buying art is your own individual taste. take your time, look at what attracts you.
    the more art you see, the more you'll get to know your own taste.
    wydr takes away traditional barriers
    independent artists and the casual art lover, first-time and experienced buyers - connected by wydr
    global - everywhere - for the mobile world. original & unique paintings, delivered to your home - with no extra costs.
    Who's behind wydr?

    Timo Hahn and Matthias Dörner.

    "I like art and love getting inspired. However, I rarely visit galleries. It's just not my environment. If I go to an art gallery it's when I'm abroad, that is also where I bought the paintings for my apartment."